Learning Facilities

ULSIT offers modern learning facilities for the process of instruction and self-study areas for all students of all specialties. Together with the self-access areas, the traditional information resources at the Library and Information Center and the educational displays called “Spirituality and Leadership” and contemporary Bulgarian Spirit, students find at their disposal computer rooms with Internet access and a copying center.

The Library and Information Center (LIC) is a major basis for learning and teaching activities, a learning and user-oriented unit within ULSIT educational system providing the information environment fostering highly-qualified specialists. For its effective library and information services, LIC acquires, processes and organizes collections in accordance with the academic profile of ULSIT. There is a constantly updated reference collection.

Currently, LIC offers its patrons the following options: using library entries in the reading area; consulting services when working with library and out of library information resources; inter-library and international borrowing service; 20 workstations with Internet access to out-of-house and other information resources; WI-FI Internet access; a copying center.

The Automated Library System based on RFID technology allows for quality patron service and is a model and basis for teaching future library and information staff, which provides students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves, use and work with the latest achievements in the sphere of library technologies.

The library stock has 52,000 volumes of specialized literature connected with the disciplines taught at ULSIT. ULSIT is annually subscribed to various Bulgarian and foreign periodicals. The scientific periodicals collection is enriched by numerous electronic versions of scientific magazines from the EBSCO Publishing, Springer Link and other databases. The needs of the educational process are met, students, PhD candidates and lecturers widen the scope for their scientific research.

The “Spirituality and Leadership” educational display is a product of the mutual work of ULSIT, The National Museum of History and the National Art Gallery in Sofia. There are unique exhibits from the sphere of archaeology, ethnography and the new Bulgarian history. The exhibition is intended to increase the efficiency of the instruction and training process in the Information Collections of Cultural and Historical Heritage and Information Resources of Tourism specialties. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the new technologies and practices in the field of museums, the way artifacts and objects of different eras are exhibited, the work of the tour guides, the physical and jurisdictional protection of cultural monuments, etc.

The Educational Orthodox Chapel named after St. Nikolay Miracle Worker at ULSIT has been established with charity funds and the Religions Division of the Council of Ministers. It was sanctified by the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Students can be taught there in the following disciplines: History of Religious Denominations in Bulgaria, Information Collections of the Religious Centers, People’s and Religious Hollidays Calendar, etc. included in the curricula of some the ULSIT specialties. The chapel has been designed in accordance with the church canons, has the necessary church utensils and can be a place of Holy Liturgies as well as carrying out the seven sacraments: Christening, Inunction, Confession, Communion, Marriage, Priesthood and Unction. All this creates real predispositions for the students of ULSIT to be part of the core values of the Christian religion and morals.

Computers and The Internet

The Computer Laboratory by the name of John Atanasoff offers WI-FI at ULSIT with due to the„i-Zone” Project. This project is a stage of the National Program “i-Bulgaria” as part of the projects that assist the scientific research activity and innovations and the Higher Education in Bulgaria. The wireless network is available to all students and staff, as well as official guests of ULSIT.

The Computer Laboratory is part of the national project for the creation of virtual educational environment in Bulgaria and simulates the application of computer technologies into the courses of study as well as providing the necessary resources for scientific research, the administrative and financial activity.

There are 10 computer rooms for the process of instruction at ULSIT, where a licensed ECDL center for testing and certification of computer skills is based.

Within the LIC at ULSIT there is a computer network with 1 server and 23 workstations, 20 of which are for the self-study and access area, where students can use the Internet and the Library Information System (LibIS).

LIC has an audio and visual corner for information presentation (videos, graphs, professional photography new literature presentations, authors’ profiles, etc.)

ULSIT has the resources to create videos necessary for the process of instruction in the different disciplines. There is a multimedia information system.

The sports facilitiesat ULSIT includes a multi-functional sports hall, fitness gym, tennis tables and a sports court with four tennis courts functioning all the year round.

The students’ canteen at ULSIT offers lunch at affordable prices. The coffee vendor machine and the cafeteria on the ground floor of the university provide all-day refreshments. There are many places to eat in the surrounding area.

The Dormitories for ULSIT students are in Sofia’s Students’ City and offer all necessary conditions for work and rest.

ULSIT students can take advantage of state scholarships (in accordance with Council of Ministers Decree) as well as special ones.