Rector’s Address.

Dear Students and Friends,

проф. д.ик.н. Стоян ДенчевI am honored as a Rector of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies to extend my thanks for the attention that you have paid to our university after finishing your Secondary Education. This university is neither the oldest nor the largest in Bulgaria, but it is the most Bulgarian in spirit.  Its 60th Anniversary allows us to be proud not only of our history, but also with what we have achieved for the last few years. Our university is amongst the most dynamically developing tertiary education institutions in Bulgaria. For less than 10 years the university has managed to keep the best of traditions in Library Studies but also develop new streams that have proved unique for our country. Thus, the university has now turned into the institution with the greatest number of candidates wishing to study here. Furthermore, theuniversityisnow part of the new educational conditions in Bulgaria but is also actively integrating into the European educational system. This is due to the specialties that we have on offer which are directly orientated towards your future careers as experts in the respective fields of study as well as the highly-qualified academic staff and the modern premises and educational and sports facilities of the university, which guarantee favorable conditions for quality education. 


The major changes in our country demand highly-qualified specialists in humanities, people that are broad-minded and competent in history and culture, information technologies and social life organization. The greater part of those who graduate from our university are able to meet those demands. 

ULSITgraduatesworkinthesphereoflibrary and community cultural centers, museums and galleries, IT companies, the Book trade and publishing in Bulgaria and abroad. Others have been successful in state institutions and most importantly, they are not only operational workers, most of them hold managerial positions in the central and the local governing bodies. AlargenumberofstudentscontinuetheireducationintheM.A. and PhD programs.

The way to a successful career starts with the choice of a higher education institution. This is a complex and responsible choice as it often determines not only your profession but also your whole life, your destiny. Therefore, I am convinced that the knowledge, skills and habits that you will acquire during your course of study at our university will be of benefit to you in you future work and your life. Ifyouwishtoobtainqualityuniversityinstructionandbecompetitiveasspecialistsonthelabormarket, if you want to have a guaranteed job after you graduate, come to our university! Here you will find specialties that are of interest to each and every one of you!


Prof. Sc.D. Stoyan Denchev
Rector of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies